Modernisation & Repair

modernisation and repair

Griffin Elevators has over 65 years combined experience in modernisation and repair of goods and passenger lifts in the UK. Our team of experienced repair managers aim to offer the best solution for the problems experienced by our customers.

  • Specialise in design and working to lift consultant specifications.
  • Fully comprehensive service from design and specification, through to installation, testing and on-going lift servicing.
  • Bespoke service offered to customers regardless of lift type, age or manufacture.

“Adapt, improvise and overcome” is an expression we live and breathe here at Griffin Elevators. We aim to offer the most reliable and best priced solutions to our customers. So if a piece of machinery or equipment can be adapted rather than replaced to reliably overcome a problem we will ensure that we offer this service to our customer.

From dumb waiters to multiple car lift groups, our modernisation and repair team work together combining years of experience and professionalism to ensure that our customers receive quality of service combined with work of the highest standard, that is completed within budget and on time.